sunrise-1756274_1280The Daily Firefly strives to be a source of hope and encouragement to God’s humble servants — Faith’s Fireflies — who are shining His light and love into a troubled world. Join us on this journey, fellow Firefly, to find hope in our fellowship, inspiration in His word, and purpose in service.

Nourishment for Your Spirit

So much in society today drains our hope, peace, joy, and love … Divides us from one another, from our sense of purpose, and even from God Himself. But there is an antidote — feeding our soul daily, at least a little, through His word and service to others.

Inspired by His Word

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Enjoy the Site!

Please explore our site … read, comment, share, and serve in ways that are meaningful to you. I  hope you will find some series of posts that really speak to you, are encouraging, help you draw even closer to God, and help you find inspirational groups, sites, and books.

May your regular Bible reading nourish your spirit, and help you be that Firefly of light and hope to those around you.

May God bless you, fellow Firefly, on your own unique and beautiful and difficult and heart-breaking and deeply rewarding journey.

Your Daily Firefly